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Registration for our supervised hikes implies acceptance and signing of the documents which will be presented to you before departure.

Any reservation requires consultation and prior, express and unreserved acceptance on the part of the customer of the general conditions of sale (CGV).

  • The customer undertakes to return signed the General Conditions of Sale of MOTO MAROC EVASION, the information sheet as well as the medical form.

  • No hike can begin without the obligatory presentation of a valid driving license for drivers, and being in possession of a passport valid for 6 months after the return date.

  • Sign a rental contract on site, before leaving the circuit, including a release of liability.

  • Deposit on site and before departure on the circuit a deposit in the amount of 1000 Euros by check or cash. Deposit which will be returned to you before your return.

A price list of the most frequently damaged parts will be given to you at the start of the tour




  • Participation in one of our hikes requires prior reservation. 

  • To be validated, the reservation must be accompanied by a deposit of 30% by transfer of the total amount of the chosen hike.

  • The balance of the total amount of the activity will be paid on site on the same day of departure in cash.





Renting a motorbike; the guide with his motorbike; hotels in double rooms; full board (except first and last day); a 4x4 for assistance, support and luggage transport; technical assistance; supervision and logistics; round-trip Agadir airport transfer (per group) and third-party insurance.








Plane ticket ; fuel ; drinks, alcohol; complete pilot equipment (ref, information sheet); hotel accommodation before and after the tour; personal and repatriation insurance; optional activities.






MOTO MAROC EVASION draws the attention of its customers to the need to be properly insured in civil liability, for the practice of outdoor sports activities and in particular for the practice of motorcycles.

We also advise riders and passengers to have individual accident insurance when riding a motorcycle abroad. This insurance must cover cancellation/interruption of the tour, personal accidents, related health costs (medical care, hospitalization), repatriation, loss of personal property, etc.

MOTO MAROC EVASION reserves the right to refuse access to the customer if they do not have proof of insurance coverage at the start of their stay.

There is no insurance available on site to cover possible injuries and medical expenses, nor repatriation costs following an accident.

MOTO MAROC EVASION does not have the means to check the state of health, the level of physical resistance and sports practice of customers who register for its various programs. It is up to each client to verify, through a prior medical examination, that their state of health allows them to participate in the chosen activity.

MOTO MAROC EVASION cannot be held responsible for a poor assessment, by the client, of his state of health, his physical resistance, or his technical skills, nor for the resulting decisions of the guides and guides. 


MOTO MAROC EVASION must inform drivers and passengers that its insurance does not cover the risks linked to a motorized sporting activity and ensures through the General Conditions that they are perfectly aware of this.

MOTO MAROC EVASION covers pilots only in the event of proven fault of the guide and will not be held responsible for damage or injuries caused by the pilot himself or others, caused by negligence, clumsiness or non-observance of the guide's instructions.

Likewise, it is the rule in the world of adventure travel and outdoor activities that any decision on the ground relating to the realization or modification of the stay according to unfavorable climatic or geological conditions, the physical form of the participants or their technical skills, remains entirely and exclusively at the discretion of the guides. All participants must comply with the instructions of the trainer guide during their activity. They will also have to comply with caution and safety rules. The guides reserve the right to exclude a participant for any irresponsible behavior, dangerous driving or non-respectful of the environment or other users encountered along the way. Participating pilots are responsible for all damage caused to third parties during hikes or crossing courses. If they break a barrier, a wall, an enclosure or cause any other damage linked to private property, they undertake to assume financial responsibility under the same conditions as the previous paragraph. The latter will then not be able to claim any reimbursement.  Riders are also responsible for costs incurred by damage caused to motorcycles or motorcycle equipment during an accident and/or negligent use thereof.  



Participants declare on their honor that they hold civil liability insurance (see bodily injury caused to third parties: art. L221-1 of the insurance code), and that they are aware that the risks linked to the practice of sports motorized vehicles are not covered by MOTO MAROC EVASION’s insurance.

No resulting modification or interruption of stay will give rise to reimbursement or compensation.

Additional costs, subject to customer acceptance and incurred to continue or modify the initial program, may be covered on site by participants and will not give rise to any reimbursement by MOTO MAROC EVASION.








  • All reservations must be made in writing: mail or e-mail but only become effective after signing an order form issued by MOTO MAROC EVASION. To register, please go to the “contact” tab.

  • To be valid, registration must be accompanied by a deposit of 30% of the total amount of the activity by bank transfer. The remaining balance must be paid before the departure of the activity.

The customer who has not paid the balance on the date agreed on the order form is considered to have canceled his activity.




Assistance, in the exclusive context of the hikes, is provided to supply participants with fuel and food during the stage and to transport the luggage (one bag per participant) of the participants to the accommodation places. In the event of a breakdown or serious injury preventing the competitor from joining the evening stage, we will bring the rider and motorcycle back to the start or finish of the stage. Under no circumstances do we provide medical assistance.





The prices, times and itineraries mentioned in our programs may be modified due to circumstances beyond our control or as soon as these modifications are imposed by the decisions which would be taken by the local service providers to whom we address you, in the event of holidays , strikes, demonstrations, torrential rains, impassable roads, snowy passes or any other major event.

In the event that the departure of the trip cannot take place, for whatever reason and in a non-exhaustive manner, the organizer will offer a credit after payment of penalties allowing the circuit to be postponed to another date for 1 year. In all cases, participants will not be able to claim any compensation.



Cancellation, whatever its date, does not exempt you from full payment of sums due and must be notified in writing. You can, in the event of force majeure, cancel your registration for one of our activities. To do this, you will need to: either notify us a maximum of 48 hours before the day of the planned activity, providing us with your supporting documents, by e-mail or post, or send us a request by registered mail with proof of your inability to do so: family death, illness, bodily accident, and stipulating your request for reimbursement. MOTO MAROC EVASION will then check if you can actually be reimbursed and will send you your reimbursement within a maximum of 2 months, if your request is justified. Otherwise, you will be notified by return mail of the reasons for refusal of reimbursement. Any cancellation not respecting these conditions will not be subject to any refund. If you are not present on time, at the meeting point for the departure of the activity, no refund will be possible. The refund procedure can only take place under this condition.


In the event of cancellation by the customer, the sums will be reimbursed after deduction of the cancellation fees below and the handling fees, depending on the departure date:

  • + 30 days before departure: 100% refund.

  • From 30 days to 21 days before departure: 75% refund

  • From 20 days to 8 days before departure: 50% refund

  • From 7 days to 2 days before departure: No refund

  • The day before departure:  No refund

Except in cases of force majeure: family death, illness, accident, justified in writing.





Participants are prohibited from arriving at the start of the circuit in a state of intoxication.

The client will not use illegal drugs or drink alcohol during the day of a tour.

The client not consume unreasonable quantities of alcohol, and in any case no illegal drugs, during the duration of a hiking tour

We ask guests to please inform us of any prescription medication they must or may take during their stay.


The pilot must scrupulously follow all the instructions of the training guide.

The pilot must follow exclusively in the footsteps of the training guide and not try to get ahead of him.

The driver must respect the highway code and speed limits. 

The rider must never overtake the motorcycle in front of him, unless otherwise indicated by the rider, the spirit of the ride is not a sporting competition. Pilot safety is our priority. It is strictly forbidden to ride dangerously alone or in a group, under penalty of cancellation of the contract and withdrawal of the rental motorcycle, without any compensation. The rider must wear an NF approved helmet and have appropriate equipment for riding an enduro motorcycle. The complete necessary equipment can be seen in the relevant parts.

In the event of damage to the motorcycle:

The customer agrees to bear all costs incurred by damage caused to motorcycles or motorcycle equipment during an accident and/or negligent or careless use of the motorcycle. The value of damaged mechanical parts or equipment will be determined with reference to the item in question with an increase of 30% to cover shipping and customs clearance costs.



Our circuits are established on the basis of a minimum of 5 participating motorcycles. If this number is not reached at most one month before the date agreed in the reservation form, we reserve the right to offer to already registered participants other packages than the package with assistance without this changing the appearance of the circuit (route, stages, etc.). From then on, the price adjustments that this implies will be made when paying the balance.

If the customer refuses this proposal, MOTO MAROC EVASION will reimburse the entire deposit received less 10% management fees.


MOTO MAROC EVASION reserves the right to use for its promotion the images and videos taken during the circuits on any promotional support born or to be born, without this use being contrary to good morals.


Legal notices Conditions of sale

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